WordPress Webmaster Services

You made an excellent decision investing in a small business website—our WordPress webmaster service will ensure it is protected and maintained. Under our care, your site will continue to follow industry best practices, stay current, remain secure against hackers, and be backed up regularly.

A website is a complex vehicle that needs ongoing maintenance to keep it healthy. Being an experienced website designer, we understand the inner workings of WordPress sites. Don’t wait until there is a catastrophe—be proactive and hire us as your WordPress website manager!

In addition to behind the scenes maintenance, it’s important to keep your content and design current so you don’t send a poor message to your existing and prospective customers. As your business grows, it’s important to update your services, testimonials, portfolio, galleries, bio(s), etc. As design trends and applications evolve, we will be available to freshen up your site and expand its functionality as needed.

We take care of our clients’ websites as if they are our own—if we see anything that we’d want done on our site, we will let you know if we think it will benefit yours!

Affordable WordPress Webmaster Services

WordPress Website Review & Audit

Our comprehensive WordPress review and audit ensures that your website is following all industry best practices. We will check the adequacy and reputation of your WordPress theme and all plugins, ensure that your Privacy Policy is complete and current, assess the security of your site, and make suggestions about functionality, organization, and design.

Affordable WordPress Webmaster Services

WordPress Website Updates

As your business grows and changes, we’ll be available to update your website content (services, testimonials, portfolio and photo galleries, bio, etc.), add new functionalities (email signup forms, membership capability, searchable directories, online stores, etc.), and give it a mini-makeover when it needs a bit of freshening up. (Major design changes fall under our WordPress Web Design service.)

WordPress Website Security

If you don’t have your website protected by a reputable premium firewall and anti-spam plugins, it is extremely vulnerable to getting hacked. As your WordPress Webmaster, we will lock down your site and monitor it regularly so your investment remains intact.

WordPress Website Maintenance

We have a checklist of preventative maintenance tasks we perform monthly as part of our WordPress Webmaster Services maintenance service, including updating WordPress and your WordPress theme as needed, reviewing and updating all plugins, setup and monitoring of scheduled website backups (stored in our secure cloud vault), and checking for design/format glitches, broken links and functionality issues.

We Are a One Stop Shop

Our in-house team and network of specialists enables us to serve as a one stop shop for small business owners who desire a professional, consistently branded, and effective online presence.

Personalized & 100% Reliable Service

From the initial quote to the final product, our CEO is personally involved, ensuring every detail is addressed using a combo of personal communication and efficient automated systems.

Want to Trade Services?

We are passionate supporters of the sharing economy! If you have something of value to offer us in trade for any of our small business services, don’t hesitate to propose a trade.

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