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TIP #8: Why You Need a Business Blog

To blog or not to blog? That is the question I get asked a lot. In this post, I will let you know why you need a business blog.

I know it’s overwhelming to consider adding more to your overfilled plate—but, please, read on, keep an open mind, and wait for the good news at the end.

Before you even consider a business blog, make sure you can check these boxes first:

◻️ Your site is mobile-friendly
◻️ Your site is visually appealing and well-organized
◻️ Your site has professional and informative page content about your product or service
◻️ All page content and photos on your site are optimized for search engines

6 Reasons Why You Need a Business Blog

Let’s start counting reasons why you need a business blog:

  1. To own more internet “real” estate. Most likely, your website has about 4-8 fixed pages that are each indexed by Google, Yahoo, etc., and are your very own plots of internet “real” estate. A blog post functions the same way. Every post is plot—and another chance for your website to be found by a potential customer searching the web for your product or service. The more blog posts you have, the more likely you are to see an increase in targeted visitor traffic.
  2. To boost your website’s SEO. When you’re consistently churning out relevant new blogs, it’s a sign of good business health. Search engines pay the most attention to the healthiest websites. If other healthy sites link to yours, your reputation gets boosted even higher and your search ranking goes up. Blog posts are more valuable from an SEO standpoint because they tend to rank higher than fixed pages.
  3. To create fodder for sharing. Pretty much everyone is on at least one social media channel these days. And, do you know anyone who doesn’t use email? Blog posts are the fodder your business needs to share, share, share. The more you can virtually connect with your existing and potential customers, the more likely they are going to find you, remember you, and buy from you. While it’s fine to occasionally share useful content from other sources, regularly sharing your own content demonstrates your knowledge, your expertise, and your product or service. It also keeps you in front of your customers and generates visits to your website. If you have stellar content, you get exponential benefits from others sharing your content for you.
  4. It’s a cost effective way to connect with large numbers of people. There aren’t enough hours in the day to talk to everybody face-to-face. A blog post is a fabulous and non-threatening way for existing and prospective customers to get to know you and your products and/or services. Your website pages should get right to the point, but your blog posts can dive in to a subject much deeper, demonstrate the depth of your knowledge, and show more of your personality. They’re the ideal place to self promote that new product, award, partnership, etc.
  5. To use as a professional networking tool. While you’re sharing helpful information with your customers, you can also use your blog to cultivate professional relationships. Blogs are an excellent tool to connect with others in your industry through mentions, crosslinks, guest blogs, and more.
  6. To give people added value for nothing. Providing customers with something for nothing generates good business karma. People remember and respond to generosity.


“…there’s no “one true factor” in SEO. Having top-notch content is always important because each search query seeks an answer. In order to bid for that click, you need to build content relevant to the user’s request, and that’s where having quality content comes into play. But because I believe in a holistic approach, I want to add that mobile is where the future is. If you’re not on mobile, you need to get on it because the world has been shifting to mobile and if you don’t, you won’t stay relevant.” – SEO Coordinator Annie Ye


Now that you understand why you need a business blog, I want you to know this—it’s not just a matter of kicking out average blog content. With gobs of information in cyberspace these days, it’s crucial that yours is relevant and excellent quality to get noticed.

If your blog is not optimized for search engines, it’s highly unlikely to realize the benefits I highlighted above because not enough people will find it near the bottom of the virtual haystack.

Ideally, you have the time to write and optimize your business blog yourself. But, let’s face it—those 24 hours fly by and a life of all work and no play is more than just dull. It’s unhealthy. That’s where we come in. Pop us an email and let’s chat about working together on your business blog.

Janet Dore | Chief Everything Officer

Janet passionately serves small business owners to allow them to maintain a healthy work-life balance while growing their company.

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