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Every successful small business owner reaches a point where they can no longer go it alone. New opportunities are pouring in faster than they can be pursued and the To Do list becomes more than one person can handle.

Getting assistance will HELP your business—and YOU. A qualified Virtual Assistant will allow you to maintain your excellent customer service AND your work-life balance.

Rather than take on the legal and administrative hassles of a part- or full-time employee, using a Virtual Assistant is far more cost—and time—effective.

As your Virtual Assistant, we ensure your business runs smoothly and thrives so you can focus on doing what you love. Our services are custom tailored to your needs based on your budget and desired level of involvement. We strive to pay for our services by giving you back more than enough time to cover our

Virtual Assistant services include, but are not limited to, administrative tasks, customer relation management and customer service, online reputation management, managing independent contractor relationships, maintaining the company website and social networking profiles, and digital marketing. We are happy to suggest and implement protocols, strategies, and technology systems that we have found to be beneficial for our other clients.

Administrative Tasks

Delegate your administrative tasks to us—including, but not limited to, correspondence, supply orders, management of employees, coordination and oversight of independent contractors, etc.—so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Happy customers are repeat customers. We will ensure every customer gets helpful and timely service so they stay happy and your business thrives. A customer email database can be one of your company's most valuable assets. We will setup and/or manage an email campaign that includes a value added auto responder series and an insightful weekly or monthly newsletter so you are in constant contact with your customers.

Social Networking & Marketing

We will help you choose, setup, and brand your social networking profiles—and run an effective social media campaign to boost your online presence. We work with a digital media advertising specialist to create and manage effective marketing campaigns.

Website Maintenance

Your company website speaks volumes to existing and potential customers. We will maintain your site and ensure that it stays secure, adheres to current design and SEO best practices, and provides your customers with an excellent experience.

Online Reputation Management

We will ensure all of your Google and Yahoo business listings are professional and complete. Online reviews will be monitored, addressed and resolved.

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