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ViralTag: The BEST Social Media Tool |

VIRALTAG: The Best Social Media Tool

Time is valuable to everyone—but, it's a small business owner's most precious resource. Running a social media campaign takes time, but there are two ways to do it efficiently—hire a social media service provider (like us!) or use the BEST social media tool available. We think that...

Tip #10: Wordpress Website Maintenance Checklist |

Tip #10: WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

The same rule that applies to cars applies to WordPress websites—whether it's new or used, your car needs regular maintenance. Unfortunately, your WordPress website didn't come with a manual. So we put together this WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist so you know exactly what you need to...

Social Media Marketing World 2016 |

Social Media Marketing World Review

  by Janet Doré | Scribaceous, Inc. Phew! What a head spinning couple of days. Here's my Social Media Marketing World review with a summary of my takeaways from this jam-packed two-day conference. I'm not embarrassed to admit I'm a well-seasoned bargain shopper. I've always refused to...

SMALL BUSINESS TIP #9: How to Choose the Best Wordpress Theme for Your Business |

Tip #9: How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

A theme is central to the success of your WordPress business website. It impacts every aspect of the site—the overall design, your site's functionality and ease of use, and even security and SEO. In this post, I have some tips on how to choose the best WordPress theme for your business. Your business' virtual...

San Diego SEO Specialist | Scribaceous, Inc.

Scribaceous Partners with
San Diego SEO Specialist NerDigital

by Janet Doré | Scribaceous, Inc. I am thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Scribaceous, Inc. and San Diego SEO specialist, NerDigital. This collaboration expands the scope and quality of the small business services we offer our clients - and propels us forward toward our goal of...

SMALL BUSINESS TIPS: Why You Need a Business Blog |

TIP #8: Why You Need a Business Blog

To blog or not to blog? That is the question I get asked a lot. In this post, I will let you know why you need a business blog. I know it's overwhelming to consider adding more to your overfilled plate—but, please, read on, keep an open mind,...

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