SMALL BUSINESS TIP #14: Small Business Marketing Strategies That Don’t Cost a Fortune

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Online marketing is a competitive game. This means that, to be successful, you need to find cost-effective solutions that you know will reach your target customers.

Great marketing can be the difference between a business struggling or thriving. And, since traditional methods can be expensive, here are some low-cost marketing strategies that work:

4 Low Cost Marketing Strategies

1. Market Research & Surveys

Tailoring your marketing efforts to your customer base is key to running successful campaigns. So, you should always carry out thorough research and, if possible, conduct surveys to help.

Surveys and questionnaires are a brilliant way to get a clear picture of your target audience and for understanding what they want from your brand. And, this is very cost-effective!

Make sure you consider the purpose of the surveys, the time period and, most importantly, your target customers, products, and locations. This will help you get much more relevant results.

2. Get Feedback from Customers

Whilst it’s important to understand what you need to do to attract new customers, don’t forget about your existing customer base! It’s much cheaper to retain a customer that gain a new one.

Your customers should be central to your marketing strategies. So, make sure you treat your customers well and always try to improve your service to them.

Not only will this encourage more customer loyalty and save you money, it will also get you more customers in recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing – which is free!

Make sure you ask your happy customers for feedback on products and services — consider doing a special email marketing campaign just for this purpose. You can then use this on your website and social media pages, which will make you more credible.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have transformed the way people shop. This is a huge opportunity for businesses to reach a much larger pool of customers.

If you’re looking for free social media marketing strategies, there are plenty available. For example, you can post videos and/or images or text posts and interact with others online.

In addition to this, paid social media ads aren’t too expensive and can help you reach more people. When done well, this can be a very cost-effective marketing technique.

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4. Content Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, content is a widely used strategy that can drive sales without breaking the budget. One way to do this is by starting a blog.

Blogging is a great way to attract high quality leads to your business. It can promote your business, showcase your products, and provide helpful information and advice to people.

If you’re starting a blog, focus on providing high value content that would interest your customers. Then, share it on social media so it will be accessible to your target audience.

Here is a comprehensive article that provides a wealth of information on content marketing—B2B SaaS Content Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

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Keep Your Branding Consistent

Last but not least, with any marketing strategy you use, you need to keep your branding consistent at all times. This will make your look more professional and reliable to customers.

Make sure you include a business logo on your website and all other platforms, keep the colors, fonts and themes the same, and ensure everything conforms to your business message.

Not only should you do this online, but also offline. For example, your product packaging, letters, and business cards should use the same branding as online platforms.

You can do this by using online tools like Business Cards to incorporate a similar design. Or, check out these different platforms where you can create digital marketing material—27 Digital Signage Content Creation Tools.

As you grow your business, you will find lots of cheap or free marketing strategies. Like anything, it’s important to balance quality and efficiency with the costs. Over time, using these strategies can greatly improve your results.

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