Our Landing Page Designs

Sometimes you aren’t quite ready for the expenditure of a multi-page website. Or, you need a landing page for a special product, event or service. These are some of the economical one page websites that we have designed for our clients.

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When you purchase our SEO package, we work together to create a comprehensive keyword list to optimize your website pages. We strategically place keywords in our optimized blog posts so they can be found by Google.

Complete Meta Data

When we do SEO on your site, we also ensure all metadata fields are completed so your website pages and blog posts can be seen by Google and look professional when shared on social networks, such as Facebook and Linkedin.

Internal & External Linking

Another key component of our SEO package is internal and external linking, which builds a map that helps Google understand your website better, boosting the likelihood of pages and posts ranking higher in searches.

Royalty-Free Images

These days, you are taking a big risk using copyrighted images without permission. That’s why we include high quality royalty free images with all of our websites and ensure our optimized blog posts include 100% legal images!