SMALL BUSINESS TIP #15: How to Create FREE Custom Email Templates

By Published On: December 11th, 2020Categories: Marketing & Social Networking, Tips

Once you’ve got your amazing website up and running and your social media accounts are fabulously branded, guess what’s next? Email marketing!

When you’re not making live, face-to-face contacts, email marketing is another way to remain engaged with your clients.

If done well, email campaigns, newsletters, announcements enhance your relationship with your customers while promoting brand awareness and establishing your expertise. Ongoing communication also helps you build trust and loyalty.

If the prospect of designing your emails makes you groan, I have a fantastic tip for you — it’s a way to create SUPER easy email newsletter templates for email marketing!

This free email newsletter templates creator is a serious game-changer.

The Best Email Marketing Platform

I’m always looking for helpful business tools that make work easier and more efficient, so I was very excited when I found the one I’m sharing with you today.

It starts with an email marketing platform. In my opinion, Aweber is one of the very best.

And, not just because they are one of a few email marketing companies who offer a decent free account.

Some of the features you’ll find with Aweber:

  • Welcome email templates
  • Mobile-responsive templates
  • Email automation
  • Interactive smart content embedded in your email
  • Aweber ClickBank integration
  • Eventbrite integration
  • Over 800 integrations and services
  • Free training

Aweber even lets you do things like automate content creation by using your social media and your latest blog posts.

Some email services outsource delivery when you send an email message or newsletter. Aweber doesn’t do that, ensuring end-to-end deliverability.

You don’t want your emails landing in the spam folder and Aweber helps you avoid that.

One of the cool things about Aweber? When you go to the contact page, they have a phone number which is a rare customer service plus these days. You can also do Live Chat or email as well.

The other plus? I’ve been in a long-term relationship with Aweber for more than half a decade, so if you need help with your email marketing, I can offer it!

But, let’s get back to custom email templates…

Unlike most email marketing platforms, they offer two ways to create gorgeous email templates quickly — using their pre-built email templates or their Smart Designer app.

Aweber’s Pre-Built Email Templates

Pre-built email templates are a standard offering of all pretty much every email marketing platforms.

Aweber offers many customizable email template options and they are extremely easy to use — you simply choose which one you like the best, save it, and add your content to make it your own.

Aweber’s Smart Designer App

Aweber’s Smart Designer app is where they delineate themselves from the other email marketing websites.

The Smart Designer tool creates amazing email templates in just seconds.

All you do is input a URL — of a page on your website, landing page, or even one of your Instagram or Facebook posts — answer a couple of easy questions and choose the totally custom email template you like best.

It’s the “Smart” in “Smart Designer” that makes this tool is so awesome — it knows how to pull your branding and images from the URL you give it.

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Aweber — A Great Choice for Free Email Templates

If you need some attractive and easy email newsletter templates, check out Aweber. They’re an email marketing service provider that offers powerful tools to keep you in touch with your subscribers.

It’s simple and free to get started, so it’s a cost-effective choice when you’re just starting to grow your list.

Have questions? Ask me!

Click below to learn more and try Aweber — and their EASY email templates — for FREE:

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