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TIP #4: Facebook Business Page Tips

If you’re serious about your business, a Facebook business page is no longer an option. It’s not just another mode of communication with our customers—it’s necessary for SEO and brand health. Here are some Facebook business page tips to help your page be awesome.

Why Build a Facebook Business Page?

Did you know that counting from 1 to 1 billion would take you 95 years? Add at least another 50 years if you’re counting to 1.71 billion. That’s the number of monthly active users [AKA potential customers] on Facebook as of the second quarter of 2016.

What does this mean for your business?

  • It means that a Facebook presence is a must for any business concerned with SEO and brand health.
  • It means that Facebook is a hot bed of marketing opportunity and a worthy recipient of a chunk of your marketing budget.
  • It means that you shouldn’t do your Facebook business page part way—you need to be ALL in.

Facebook Business Page Tips

If you’re doing it on your own, here are some Facebook business page tips to help you do it right:

  • DO create a Facebook Business Page NOT a Personal Profile or Business Group. While personal profiles posts do show up more on newsfeeds, they have significant limitations. First, you will get shut down—it’s just a matter of when. Personal is personal…business is business. Second, with a personal profile, you’re limited to 5,000 friends—a deal breaker when your business takes off. Lastly, business pages have analytics and the ability to advertise, both of which will be crucial at some point.


  • DO use an eye catching and professional Profile and Cover Picture NOT one that is quickly thrown together with low quality photographs. You have seconds to convey the quality and spirit of your brand and capture a visitor’s attention. It’s also important that your Facebook business page includes key info—such as your address and phone number—in a mobile friendly format.


  • DO treat your Business Page as a secondary website, NOT as a task you do only when you have time. Your Facebook Business Page is likely to show up before your website in a Google search, so it can often be the first point of contact with your customer. You want it to be impressive, thoughtful and detailed when filling out your About section. And, don’t let that Call to Action button go to waste.


  • DO have airtight security settings, NOT ones that leave you open for an invasion. An invasion is a very real risk and can wreak havoc on your Facebook business page. Infiltrators are usually from another country and will flood your page with Likes, which decreases the visibility of your posts to your authentic fans. They may even demand ransom—pay them or they will start reporting your posts to the Facebook Police putting your page at risk of being shut down. You can protect yourself by specifying the countries that you want to see your page and designate who can and cannot post on your wall or send you a private message.


  • DO post relevant and unique content [with gorgeous branded graphics, of course] daily, NOT occasional and/or boring filler that gets lost on crowded newsfeeds. Solve your fans’ problems. Stimulate their imagination. Motivate them. And, most importantly, interact with them. Thank them for liking your Facebook Business Page. Don’t waste a single opportunity to earn a customer for life.

If you can’t find the time to nurture your Facebook Business Page yourself, we are here to help. We will work with you to create a custom social networking plan that will boost your brand health—and we can manage it while you tend to business. Click here to get a quote.

Janet Dore | Chief Everything Officer

Janet passionately serves small business owners to allow them to maintain a healthy work-life balance while growing their company.

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