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Stunning, Responsive, Secure & Branded

If you’re looking for a company offering affordable web design, your search is over! We design professional and stunning WordPress websites for small business owners throughout the world.

If you’re serious about succeeding, a responsive website is no longer an option for even the smallest of businesses. A website is an essential investment that generates exponential returns IF it is done right from the beginning.

At Scribaceous, Inc., we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our small business website design clients. Our affordable websites are responsive, attractive, and easy to navigate. And, we’ve been told that we have saintly patience with the “technologically challenged.”

Launching a multi-page business website is a BIG project. We do our best to ensure it’s a positive and rewarding experience—and that you are thrilled with the final result.

If you are interested in starting smaller simpler without sacrificing too much power, check out our sister site—One Page Website Pro!

Affordable WordPress Webmaster Services

New WordPress Websites or Website Remodels

Through a combination of phone calls, detailed questionnaires, and emails, we will design you a brand new website or remodel your existing WordPress site. Our intuitive design sense, highly rated WordPress themes, powerful plugins, and custom coding enable us to create professional and secure websites that are guaranteed to pass Google’s mobile friendly test.

Affordable One Page Websites & Landing Pages

A one page website is ideal for the small business owner who wants to get online quickly and affordably, anyone with an entrepreneurial side hustle, authors promoting their book, companies looking for a landing page for their product or event, bloggers who want to go beyond a DIY site, and couples who want to share all the details of their upcoming nuptials. Click here to visit our sister site—One Page Website Pro

Secure (SSL) Website Hosting

We prefer hosting our clients’ websites in our VPS (Virtual Private Server) account to ensure they receive the highest level of technical and customer service, performance and protection. VPS is the next step up from shared hosting and offers superior performance to a typical shared server. Our SSL certificates satisfy Google’s security requirements so your site is not punished. We offer complimentary site transfers!

SEO Package

Our SEO package includes an in-depth technical audit, Google Analytics and Search Console connection and setup, optimization of the website pages and blogs of your choice and all images, internal and external linking, and meta data creation on every keyworded page.

Website Security Package

It’s crucial to protect your new website against the hackers that are determined to invade it. Our Website Security Package includes optimization of the login credentials of all users, a one year subscription to the premium version of one of the best firewall plugins on the market, setup of the firewall (including country blocking, if desired), reCaptcha protection on all log in and contact forms, spam control, and a one-time full site backup stored in our secure cloud vault. If you have an active Website Maintenance contract, we constantly monitor for hacking attempts and brute force attacks and manually block the worst offending IP addresses.

LearnDash Virtual Classroom Setup | SCRIBACEOUS.COM

Virtual Classrooms & Online Learning Environments

Are you looking to create an online learning environment on your WordPress Website? We can help! Using the LearnDash premium plugin, we can create as many virtual courses with as many lessons as you want. You’ll have the capability of offering free or paid courses, dripping content, giving quizzes, awarding certificates and more. Best of all, the content will live on your website and the design possibilities are endless! Click here to learn more about our LearnDash.

Website Maintenance

Just like your car, your website needs regular maintenance and cleanup. We offer six months of complimentary maintenance with every new website. Our WordPress Webmaster contract extends this coverage for six month increments so your website remains safe and functioning smoothly. Click here to learn more about our Webmaster Services.

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When you purchase our SEO package, we work together to create a comprehensive keyword list to optimize your website pages. We strategically place keywords in our optimized blog posts so they can be found by Google.

Complete Meta Data

When we do SEO on your site, we also ensure all metadata fields are completed so your website pages and blog posts can be seen by Google and look professional when shared on social networks, such as Facebook and Linkedin.

Internal & External Linking

Another key component of our SEO package is internal and external linking, which builds a map that helps Google understand your website better, boosting the likelihood of pages and posts ranking higher in searches.

Royalty-Free Images

These days, you are taking a big risk using copyrighted images without permission. That’s why we include high quality royalty free images with all of our websites and ensure our optimized blog posts include 100% legal images!

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